“it was a massive talking point across the office"  40% voluntary sign ups: DECC’s Headquarters at 3-8 Whitehall Place houses about 1,000 staff. 410 DECC staff voluntarily signed up to CarbonCulture becoming our ‘user-base’, this represents 40% of the population, and also includes some DECC staff from other offices around the country who discovered the project and signed themselves up!  "it generated its own momentum"  39.5% engagement: Over 160 DECC staff used at least one tool on more than one occasion! (nearly 40% of the user base, or 16% of the whole population)  “It's extremely easy to use and fun” Over 9,000 individual actions and 2,000 reads of the project blog Actions were small, achievable, rewarding and quick to carry out  “I enjoyed using it” “It’s not a boring filling out of timesheets” “addictive and habitual”  “I would keep using this tool” 150-200 actions per day: At peak times we were seeing several actions per minute  “Prizes are challenging but not completely out of reach.” 377,975 points won!: Points mean (sustainable) prizes  “it was nice to think that someone cared how I was feeling” “I’ve been watching what I eat - it’s been helpful” “It has changed my behaviour”  xx tonnes of Carbon Saved* *Why the xxs? Well, so far we can’t say how much we’ve saved, as the goal of this pilot was to test tools that can achieve user engagement. The focus was on proving the feasibility of this approach, rather than measuring the exact amount of carbon saved at this stage. Moving forward, we believe that we can use these tools to not only change behaviours, but also to measure the energy and carbon saved through individual actions.

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