We analysed the ideas emerging from the workshops to identify the potential for carbon savings, user engagement, and whether the ideas were deliverable according to the scope of the pilot. We then took the ideas that fulfilled these criteria, worked them up into prototypes (paper or web mock-ups), and tested them with defined groups and/or representatives of the community.

One of the ideas from Workshop One, “E-meet”, did not meet the criteria, giving us three potential interventions to work with. We therefore re-introduced the idea of a lunchtime intervention around eating more healthily, and eating less meat, an idea originating from the Postcard process.

These four potential interventions were then tested using a combination of paper prototyping, play testing, user journey walk-throughs and online usability testing.

These prototypes helped the CarbonCulture team, and the testers, to further understand the barriers and opportunities surrounding each carbon saving intervention, and to determine which would be carried through to the Stage Two Workshop.

After a prototype of an intervention around computer use, the user engagement aspect was successful; however, the potential energy savings were lower than projected during the Stage One Workshop.

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