OK Commuter

OK Commuter “How was your journey today?”

A tool for users to record what transport type they took to work, providing a base for a creative description. The outcome is a calendar entry and a notification on the activity feed.

STATS: 2229 journeys logged

OK Commuter is usable by every member of the community. Travel, particularly the commute to work, also benefits from being a conversation point that Fox, K. (2004). Watching the English: The hidden rules of English Behaviour. Hodder and Stoughton. London.everyone loves to talk about anyway.

This first version of OK Commuter focused on establishing DECC’s baseline commuting behaviours, and adding a playful interaction on the CarbonCulture Platform that could increase and maintain engagement.

While this topic seems an obvious place to address CO2 production, the location and situation that it is implemented in affects the potential for behaviour change. For the CarbonCulture at DECC pilot in London, many staff were only able to travel by train, tube or bus due to the distance to work. Few people would drive due to external factors (parking costs, congestion zone).

However, there are still benefits from a recording tool for the commute to work in this setting, and behaviours may be changed. For example, there is potential if the individual has a few options to choose from, with one of them being healthier, cheaper or more environmentally friendly. One such situation would be if an individual could either take the tube two stops or walk instead. The action of recording the journey each morning, and the visualisation of the past four weeks’ travel can prompt different decisions in these instances as well as bigger travel decisions.

In addition to these influences on the decision making process, ego plays a role as a behaviour influence. Individuals may feel proud when they register that they walked or cycled into work in the rain or the snow, and this could drive competition between members of staff.

Certain changes in how people get to work require more than just awareness of the health and carbon benefits of a choice — such as cycling to work — since there are safety concerns to consider. Facilitating changes through producing ‘safe’ cycle routes, or group cycles, could be introduced in the future, after the audience is segmented into target groups.

OK Commuter is designed to be fun and simple to use — with a simple pull of being able to add a narrative to your journey. This is limited to 42 characters, and is intended to add a sense of community to the social proof. Individuals can view all the ways in which people have described their journeys that day, and see the statistics for how many journeys by each mode of transport were made.

OK Commuter let's people record their journey work and briefly describe their experience.

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