DECC’s Postcard wall garnered over 300 individual contributions from the building, including Directors General and Ministers. Other Government departments that have tried to engage users through ‘pledge walls’ experienced much lower response rates, ranging from 10 to 100 pledges. We believe that a combination of well designed user interactions facilitated the higher engagement at DECC.

Analysis of the Postcards and Arrows tools heavily influenced the design of future stages and tools. One key observation was a high frequency of accusatory statements between individual staff, as well as between building users and the Sustainability and Estates team. With declarative, such as “they won’t let us open the windows”, rather than collaborative statements, such as “are we as a staff eating a balanced diet at lunch?” appearing more frequently. This reinforced the need to build empathy between all building users in order to build trust and encourage the mindset needed to move the process forward and save energy.

We sought to address this barrier by introducing the Sustainability and Estates team to DECC staff via the blog, as well as highlighting all the important work that DECC had already completed to address energy use in 3-8 Whitehall Place.

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